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We currently have a setup with multiple N4032F switches in a stack that are connected via ebgp to a couple different ASNs; the N4032Fs will be replaced with S4148s and I’m looking for some guidance on how to replicate our setup. For one of the ebgp connections it is currently in a port channel while the other is a single link. The N4032 stack also has a port configured on each switch to connect to R2 into in case the current switch fails.


ASN1                     ASN2                     ASN3

R1 ====== N4032F Stack ----------- R2


New setup will be:


ASN1                     ASN2                     ASN3


     \                        |



With the S4148s connected via VLT and now .1 and .2 instead of .1 for the N4032 stack, should the connection to R1 be via a vlt port channel with VRRP or is peer routing the preferred method of setting up this ebgp connection? I’m unfamiliar with this, so any direction that can be provided with setting up the ebgp connections to R1 and R2 would be greatly appreciated.