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SIM Cards for Dell Venue

I have a Dell Venue Pro 11 – 5130. I'm trying to get network connection through a service provider whose SIM card I purchased. I inserted the SIM card in the SIM slot after removing the battery. The tablet does not recognize the SIM card. I have tried 3 different SIMs with no luck.When I go to 

Settings → Change PC settings → Network

no network is listed. Do you know why the SIM cards are not recognized? Does the tablet need to be unlocked?

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RE: SIM Cards for Dell Venue

Did it come with the network card installed? If it didn't you won't be able to connect to a mobile network no matter how many sime you try. To find if it is installed got the dell support site for your product and look at original configuration to see if the hardware is installed. If it isn't you won't be able to add it I'm afraid. I'm in the same situation.

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