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Same Problem -- Different YEAR!

So here we are on August 4, 2011, and i just spent about 4 hours on the phone with Dell tech support. As it turns out, Dell is still selling the Push 2 TV with incompatibleXPS 17 systems. I have the i7-2720 QM, 8 GB RAM, the Centrino Advanced N-6230, and the NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M w/3 GB. The reps were apparently not initially aware of the problem, because they spent over 4 hours troubleshooting. A supervisor finally told me that the system is not compatible with Push 2 TV because there is not an Intel Graphics Card. When I asked why they are continuing to sell this configuration with the Push 2 TV, I was told that it was my selection of 3-D that made the computer incompatible. Why then, I asked again, are you selling the PUSH 2 TV as an upgrade to people who have purchased this configuration. He said, it is our mistake, we were unaware of the issue, thank you for bringing it to our attention. How nice it is to discover via this forum that Dell knew about this problem in November of 2010! 

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