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Slow file transfers in Vista/XP

Hello all,  I'm at the end of my rope.

After extensive searches on-line and in these forums, I've yet to find a solution to my slow file transfer issues. I have a Desktop running XP and 3 laptops running Vista. All four are connected via wireless thru a D-Link DIR-655 Extreme N Router.  I have no issues with Internet speeds or connectivity, printer sharing works fine and I can share files between all units albeit extremely slow (or at least it seems very slow to me).  All units have the latest SP's installed. I have tried all fixes that have been mentionned on-line to no avail.  Tried with/without firewall/anti-virus, TCP stuff, Remote Differential Compression, File Indexing, Flow Control........all with no results. The best transfer speed I can acheive is 1-2 MB/sec.  Also tried connecting laptops to router via LAN cable and transfer speeds actually decreased.  I'm very puzzled.  All units have plenty of ram, Laptops are set for high performance and all have high speed hard drives.  All NIC have updated drivers and Router has latest Firmware. 

Any Ideas?


Thanks in advance

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