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Smartbyte resolution

Recently found that the download 200mbps from my wired Netgear router had dropped to 10mbps. Got a Dlink router from Optimum and for a week, speed back up to 200, then dropped back to 10. Swapped router for another Dlink and same thing...up to 200 for a week, then back down to 10. When wired directly from modem to Dell PC speed was 200, so problem was between router and Dell (all wireless speeds were fine). After many upgrades and swapping cables, etc. found this site about Smartbytes issue. When I disabled Smartbyte in Task manager, I could no longer connect to websites. Rather than uninstall it (since I was concerned about the impact), I updated the Smartbyte drivers from the Dell website to Smartbyte 2.5.730. Immediately speed has gone back to 200 and so far has stayed there. Dell should definitely put out info to their consumers or fix this program and send out an update.

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