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Studio 1555 WiFi Stopped Working, Won't Connect to Access Points It Does See

A few days ago my wife's laptop lost its wifi connection to our FiOS router. (Our phones still connect to it just fine.) I tried a variety of things, including rebooting, and what seemed to fix it then was to Remove the entry for the router from the WiFi table, then re-add it with the same password I'd copied (and then pasted) by unchecking "Hide Characters". That caused it to reconnect and work for awhile. So this is not likely a problem with either the router or the password.

Yesterday the problem happened again, and this time I've spent a lot more time (including trying that same "trick" several times, rebooting, turning off and disconnecting the battery and rebooting, installing the latest drivers -- which I already had done last year, as it turns out (the install process, today, was asking permission to overwrite files, which I gave, and ended up saying the install couldn't proceed -- presumably because the latest version was already installed) -- running Windows Update to update everything else, and so on.

But nothing I've tried, since yesterday morning's outage, has worked. I know it was working for a little while in between its first failure and yesterday morning, because I was able to show my wife her email account access was working again. Note that we haven't made any changes to the laptop, in terms of installed software, for quite some time.

I just took it downstairs to where there's a public WiFi access point. The laptop saw it and showed it had decent signal strength (though not as strong as for our router, here in our apartment), but it behaved the same way when I tried to connect to it (though it didn't prompt for a password, since it's an open network).

What else should I try, prior to assuming the WiFi card is bad and replacing it -- and, if it comes to that, how best to go about it and resolve the issue quickly? It's rather inconvenient for my wife to have her laptop physically connected (she would have to sit in our living room, rather than in her office area in our bedroom).


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