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Studio Hybrid w/ Dell 1505 WLAN card connection issues

I am using Win7 x64 as my OS at the moment although I have replicated this issue with Win7 x32 and Vista Home Basic x32. I have always had issues with my STudio Hybrid where at times I would lose network connection with my Cisco N router and normally a reboot or reset of the router would fix the problem. 2 days ago all of a sudden I cannot get better than Limited Access and as of today it cannot connect to the router at all. It is shoing detection of the router and asks for the password but it keeps saying the password is a mismatch. I have ensured I have the latest drivers installed.

I also have taken a laptop that I have and removed the wireless connection and added a new one and was able to connect wiht no issues with the same password.

Any suggestions on what else to try?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Studio Hybrid w/ Dell 1505 WLAN card connection issues

I have a similar issue, my XPS One connects just fine at N speeds and runs like a champ. I wanted to move my Studio Hybrid to another part of the room so I went to set up the wireless connection and in a 5 minute period my connection goes from 130Mbps to 75 to 54 to32 to 13 and stays there. Latest drivers, removed and reinstalled the care, etc.. Can reproduce on D-Link and Netgear routers (both latest firmware). Network itself is in perfect running order with the XPS One, PS3, 360 and IBM T60 connecting at expected speeds and running great.

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