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Suddenly no connection with Internet

I've got a Dell OptiPlex SX270 from my work, I've connected the PC on the internet and it worked fine. The next day I wanted to go on the internet but ... no, suddenly the programe that it uses was gone, the wizard can't  fined it. How can help me with a supporting programe? Skip22

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Re: Suddenly no connection with Internet

I have a Gx280 and never any problems. What is a progame?

 Acer Aspire6930: Intel Core 2 Du0Processor
 800 fsb 4gig ram 2mb L2 cache) 250 gb hdd
 16.9 Widescreen hd Acer CneCystal LCD
 DVD Super Multi DL, 802.11 Draft N
 True 5.1 surroundsound subwoofer HDMI out
  Dell Optiplex GX280: Pentium 4 ( 2,8 ghz, 4 gig ram 800 fsb)

  DVD -RW, 21 widescreen monitor 




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