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TCIP error Default Gateway

Error by TCIP – Resetting erroneous Default Gateway at laptop shutdown:  I have 3 Dell Inspiron Laptops with both Ethernet and WIFI capability.  I use them at both my home and my office. 

My office has a Comcast Business Class modem.  My home has an Xfinity SMC modem (model SMCD3GNV).  When at home connected to either Ethernet or WIFI the TCIP addressing works correctly.  All there machines are set to automatic DHCP addressing. 

At the office, whether Ethernet or WIFI connected, the Default Gateway is set to  The required Default Gateway =  Therefore they will connect to the Comcast Business modem but will not open any WEB pages.  To get access to WEB pages on all three machines I have to do one of the following: (1) Uninstall the Network devices and then scan to reinstall them.  That resets the Default Gateway to the required o (2) use CMD to release and renew the IP address.  That resets to the correct Default Gateway or (3) Reconfigure the TCIP settings to fix the Default Gateway to  If I do that then the computers cannot be used to access a WEB page if not connected to the office modem.  I would then have to reset the TCIP addressing back to automatic.  I have several desktop Dell computers in my office which do not have this problem behavior.  Only the laptops reset to the Default Gateway when shut down. 

I have spent several hours with Comcast advanced tech support and with Dell Advanced tech support, but neither can explain what causes the resetting or how to truly fix it. 

One of the 3 Dell Insipiron laptops is just newly delivered and fresh out of the box with the initial Windows setup.  No software added or and changes in settings. It behaves this way right from the Dell factory.

Can anyone tell me what causes the behavior and how to actually fix it other than manual work around?

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RE: TCIP error Default Gateway


I have moved this post to the Dell Networking, Internet, Wireless Forums for better assistance.

What operating system(s) are involved?

What wireless adapters are involved?

What virus program and firewalls are you using? Is there a firewall on your wireless router?

I would first try going to the Network and Sharing Center.

Do you have more than 1 connection listed there?(Is there a local connection listed?)

Click on your connection. Look for TCP/IPv4 and TCP/IPv6 and click on properties for each. Have your settings match mine.



What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it? 

Original poster, If you have solved your problem, can you please mark the correct thread(s) with your solution. Thanks 

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