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Upgrade Lattitude D531 to Wireless N

I recently purchased a D-Link DIR-655 and want to take advantage of the new wireless N speed.  My D531 came with a Dell 1390 Wireless G card and is stuck on 54mb speed... not what I bought the DIR - 655 for.  After dowing some research, I found some good feedback on Amazon about the Intel 5300 AGN PCI-e card.  So, for $35 I ordered it.  At the suggestion of one of the reviewers there I also purchased the tyco antenae so I could take advantage of having a 3rd attenae. 

While this is all being shipped to me I thought I'd ask if anyone out there has already made this upgrade and if they could provide me with any hints or suggestions on the installation of this configuration.  I'm assuming the card hardware installation should be relatively easy as it's a PCI-e card just like the Dell 1390 currently installed.  The most concerning right now is software & driver compatability (I run XP, SP3) and proper installation of the attenae...obviously don't want to damage anything or cause interference with other system devices. 

Appreciate any feedback or comments.  I'll provide an update after I attempt or get it installed.



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