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Upgrading a wireless 1505 draft 802.11n wlan mini-card. Possible?

This PCIe card works, just that it's a tad outdated, and the N is still in draft mode.

Just after the software and driver upgrades for Windows 7, 64-bit, on a Dell XPS 630i machine.
There are upgrades listed for this card as of March 2010, but for various Optiplex & other systems. This card was recommended to me last year by a Dell technician, and it's been working great! Never thought of asking him about future upgrades, and where to get them.

About the only upgrade I found for the XPS 630i is for Windows XP, both 32-bit & 64-bit.

The 3/1/2010 & 3/9/2010 updates fail to install because my system is not listed on the installers.


Any ideas on getting the more recent WIFI BIOS and Software upgrades for an XPS 630i using Win7 x64?

XPS 630i Intel Core² (Wolfdale) 3.0 GHz; BIOS: 1.0.13; 4 GB DDR2 @ 800 MHz;
Hard Drives: 320 GB, NCQ Western Digital; 640 GB, Seagate;
Optical Drives: 48x Combo CD-RW; 16x DVD+/-RW; Creative X-Fi PCI Sound;
Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT w/ 512 MB; 19 in 1 Media Reader w/ Bluetooth;
Windows 7, 64-Bit (Primary), c/b Vista 32-Bit, 32 Bit (OEM); 2.4/5 GHz Wireless 1505 PCIe WLAN

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Re: Upgrading a wireless 1505 draft 802.11n wlan mini-card. Possible?

I've got the same problem, Is there an rignt answer for the problem?
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