[Urgent] Win 7 Drivers for Ethernet and Network Controller -- DELL Inspiron M5040

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Recently I re-installed Windows 7 on my friend's DELL Inspiron M5040 laptop. However, now it cannot connect to the wireless network.

I checked the Device Manager in the Control Panel and I see that both the Ethernet and Network Controllers are currently not recognized by the system. 

I downloaded the following driver from DELL's website -- 

-- however, it doesn't seem to work either.

I would appreciate it very much if someone could let me know how I could download the drivers so that I can connect to the WiFi network.

Looking forward to getting some helpful pointers from the DELL community.

Best regards,

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Re: [Urgent] Win 7 Drivers for Ethernet and Network Controller -- DELL Inspiron M5040

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As you mentioned that you have reinstalled windows 7 on the laptop, I would suggest you to follow this link http://dell.to/NdhToL to find out helpful information on how to download and install drivers in the correct order.

As the wireless card is not getting detected in the device manager, I would suggest you to follow these steps in order to resolve the issue:

A. Load BIOS defaults by following the steps below:

1. Turn Off the system
2. Reboot the system and tap F2 at the Dell Logo screen
3. Press F9 to load BIOS to default settings
4. Press F10 to “Save & Exit”
5. Now, reboot the system and check if the wireless card is detected in device manager

B. If you still don’t see the wireless card in device manager then, Change the card properties – Advanced properties tab:

1. Change Channel Number to 6 or 11 and test
2. Change Mode to " b/g " and test
3. Disable Bluetooth Collaboration and test

C. You can also try getting into Power options - Wireless adapter settings - Change to Max performance on battery

D. Also, would suggest you to power cycle the router (If possible). Leave the router switched off for 2 minutes. Restart the computer. Power on the router and try connecting

If you still have issues, then follow the next step

E. Reseat the Wireless card and the antenna cables. Please make sure that the system is turned off and the AC adaptor is not plugged in to the system while you are doing a power cycle

Please keep me posted with the status.

Thanks & Regards
Vishal S


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Re: [Urgent] Win 7 Drivers for Ethernet and Network Controller -- DELL Inspiron M5040

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Dear Vishal,

thank you for your prompt response. I really appreciate it. I tried solution A in your post, but it didn't do the trick. So, I tried the drivers mentioned in the following article instead, which solved the problem.


The network adapters were detected by the laptop and I can connect to the internet now.

Thank you so much once again for taking the time to post the lengthy message with possible solutions. I am sure someone in the future will find your post helpful.

Best regards,