Using PXE Boot facility SX270

ive built my ris svr with Riprep which is working fine with my older pcs i can use it to make great builds for XP and 2000.
Ive got some sx 270s and really need some help on how to make their intel1000 integerated nics to boot from/to the network. So i can make a RIS build
I cant find the PXE option anywhere in the bios, so how do i configure the bios so that PXE is enabled, and how do i then access the PXE environment (is it CTRL + S as it is with many other systems..?)
Please help this is driving me insane now
Thanks in advance
paul k
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Re: Using PXE Boot facility SX270

Just go into the BIOS and enable the NIC as a boot device. Then when you boot up, hit F12 while it is booting and tell the system to boot to the NIC. It will find your server then.
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