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Vista 64-bit client fails to connect to Dell AIO 924 printer, XP Host


My Dell Photo AIO Printer 924 is attached to my Dimension XP by USB. My XP was printing fine on it. However, I have a new Inspiron Vista 64-bit laptop that was unable to print via my wireless network.

I read your response to a similar query <http://en.community.dell.com/forums/t/19254803.aspx> and followed your advice re running the patch / restarting / reinstalling drivers on both computers:

I reinstalled the XP driver from the website (_G11AWeb32924EN.exe) on my XP, and it is still printing just fine. I also successfully installed the 64-bit driver (R148157) on my laptop and ran the Dell printer set-up wizard just fine. But now whenever I ask anything to print, I get the error message "Communication Not Available". None of the troubleshooting options the pop-up offers solves it.

If I try double-clicking the dellphot printer icon on my network I get error message 0x0000000d.

I have enabled printer sharing on my XP with shared name dellphot. The printer is set up on my laptop with local port \\LAURENCE-PC\dellphot (LAURENCE-PC is my XP computer name). My wireless network is working fine in every other respect with full file sharing.

Any suggestions?


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Re: Vista 64-bit client fails to connect to Dell AIO 924 printer, XP Host

bena gyerek,


I'm not really good at netowrking printers as I use a Dell Wireless Printer Adapter 3300 on my Dell 964 Printer.


Here is what I can help you with.


I recommend using these Recommended Wireless Router Settings in your wireless router to make the communications work at their best.


Disconnect your printer. Download and run this patch to completely remove the printer from your computer.


Restart your computer.


Download the proper drivers.


XP Drivers

Vista 32-bit Drivers


Vista 64-bit Drivers.


All other drivers

Install the proper drivers. Choose network(do the desktop first) Choose This computer is the host computer. You might have to turn off firewalls as Norton, Comando, McAfee and a few others do not allow this and you might have to allow them past your firewall. Make sure you have the printer setup for printi sharing.


Then install the other drivers on the laptop. Choose network and then choose the printer is connected to a host computer and follow the instructions.


More information here. Sharing a printer through a wireless network


Other problems are...


Network Map in Windows Vista does not display computers that are running Windows XP


If this fails, then try the FREE features in Network Magic





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