Vista Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN Connect Problem

Hello, I'm having problems with my Dell Latitude D630 laptop under Windows Vista. It cannot connect to our network at home most of the times. Altough it sometimes succeeds. Sometimes I just need to wait about 10 minutes to connect. It keeps tryinga lot, then succeeds... or not. It works perfectly with Ubuntu Linux 8.04, but I need windows to my work too.


Wireless configuration:

Router: D-Link DI-524 revB

WiFi settings: Channel=1, Security=WPA-PSK, Encryption=AES (the same with TKIP)

DHCP is set correctly


My PC:

Dell Latitude D630

Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN

Intel Core2 Duo T7100


Windows Vista Business SP1


Vista event-log for wlan-autoconfig:

Dynamic key exchange did not succeed within configured time.


I also tried this solution from microsoft, but this does not work eighter.



I have installed the newest wifi driver from dell support, and updated the firmware of the router, but nothing changed at all.


I'm using the windows wifi manager, because the dell software does not work at all.


I have read dozens of the same problem, but I could not find a solution, please help me find out.



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