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WD15 docking station not powering my Asus UX425EA

Hello everyone,

My Asus laptop computer has a Thunderbolt 4 port, and hence should support charging using a docking station that has a DisplayPort over USB-C output, like my Dell WD15 docking station at home.

When I plug them together, I get to experience two kinds of situations:

1. I get everything working on the docking station (HDMI, USB ports, audio jack), but my computer battery won't charge.

2. I get my computer battery to charge but nothing on the docking station (HDMI, USB ports, audio jack) works.

Does anyone know why? The power adapter that feeds the docking station is a Dell 130W power adapter (19.5V/6.7A), and the original Asus USB-C power supply has 20V/3.25A.

I must add that the same docking station fed with the Dell 130W power supply will successfully deliver power and connect all devices to my Dell Latitude 7490 at the same time.

Thanks already for your support.

NB: My laptop is running Windows 11, don't know whether this might be related though.

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We tried reaching you on a private message asking for the Service Tag number to ascertain the warranty but did not receive a response. Please feel free to reply to the private message whenever you are available.

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