WIFI for Dimension 4100


What, if anything, can be done to allow a Dell Dimension 4100 desktop connect to the internet using WIFI?

I have Cablevision internet service with a Motorola cable modem surfboard SBV5120 connected to a Linksys 2.4 GHz speedbooster broadband router 802.11g.

I have one unused USB port on the Dimension 4100. Is there a way to connect a wifi receiver to the Dimension 4100 so it can use the Linksys router?

Cablevision wants another $45 to connect a second modem. I set up the 4100 for my grandkids to use but they want access to the internet.

Your help will be apprecated.



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Re: WIFI for Dimension 4100

you have two choices.

One would be an internal PCI card. Like Shown HERE  if you have an open PCI slot.

The other would be a USB wireless adapter, Like shown HERE .

I used one of these for several years with excellent results.

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Re: WIFI for Dimension 4100

Note that the USB ports on the Dimension 4100 are 1.1 not 2.0



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