WWAN broadband configuration issues

Except for a couple of small things i've gotten along quite well with my Lattitude 6400... only problem is: my WWAN broadband card (dell wireless 5530) doesn't quite work as I want it to - or rather the configuration tool doesn't do what I want it to. my regular sim-card i can use without any problems - but since I spend quite a bit of time in Austria and need an internet connection there I got a prepaid wireless internet account. To correctly configure it I need to

-configure the ip by dhcp but at the same time

-set the dns servers manually

anybody know how to do this? I only can set everything to dhcp or configure the ip adress manually as well - and thatdoesn't work with the provider i've got...

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DELL-Larry R

Re: WWAN broadband configuration issues

There is an advanced button for the IP configuration section of the NIC properties.  On that advanced page you can set use configurable defaults, which are used instead of the APIPA information.  I've used this to have a computer connect to my home network (no DHCP server at the time) as well as other networks that use DHCP without my having to manually switch back and forth and remember settings.

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