What are FAVORITES files in W-HP and W-7?

I want to save my Windows Internet FAVORITES online (in case  of computer failure), but I do not know how to find the necessary files on my computers. One has Windows HP, another - Windows 7.

Please tell me what are the Favorites files in these my computers, and, and this is very important, How to find these files?

Many thanks for attention and help

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Re: What are FAVORITES files in W-HP and W-7?


The favorite’s folder in Win7 and Win XP is located in the Users folder in the C: drive.

Please type the command  %USERPROFILE%\Favorites in Run. You will be able to see the favorite folder.

Also you can refer to the picture below in Win 7:

 Please reply if you have any further questions.

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Priyanka S

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