What is 1394 Net Adapter. Do I need it?

For network conections I see three icons that all say connected.
Under Broadband: a connection named DSL - connected, WAN Miniport
Under LAN or high speed internet there are two connections: one is named Local Area Connection, connected, Intel Pro 100 VE Network and the other is labeled 1394, connected, connection 1394 net adapter.
Do I need all three of these network connections.
I have a much longer boot up delay before I can open software or connect to internet when DSL modem is turned on.
I have no DSL software installed
A tech on the phone helped me set up DSL on my new  Dell 4700 computer I began using last January.
My Dell  8300 does not have the 1394 Net adapter - what is it?
Do I need it? maybe it is slowing up boot up, Mcafee, and connection to internet? Something disables the Mcafee Firewall for a few seconds when the modem is turned on.

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Re: What is 1394 Net Adapter. Do I need it?

The 1394 adapter is your firewire port.  Windows considers it a network adapter because it can be, although rarely is, used for networking.  Leave it alone, as it is not the cause of your problem.  You say that you did not install any dsl software, yet the only way a separate dsl connection should show up is if you have installed software.  How are you connecting to the dsl modem - by USB or ethernet?  If by USB, the software is necessary and would explain why the connection shows up.  If by etherenet, then it should be connecting through the local area connection.  Are you turning the modem on and off when you reboot your computer?  The modem should always be left on.


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Re: What is 1394 Net Adapter. Do I need it?

I have seen some USB Modems use that 1394 connection, so like Steve said, leave it alone.
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