What type of PCI Card do I need?

I need a PCI card for my Inspiron 531S. I am using the Gateway 2Wire Router/Modem with my AT&T DSL.  Is there a particular type or brand of PCI card I must purchase, or will any of them work?  I also plan to add a notebook to my wireless network in the next few months, but want to go wireless with the desktop at this time.   Thanks 

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Re: What type of PCI Card do I need?

The only special consideration I am aware of is that the card must have the half-height bracket.  One example is the D-Link card shown here:  WDA 2320.  If you look in the upper left of the page you will see pictures that show the contents that should be shipped to you.  If you try a standard full height bracket you won't be able to close the computer case.


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