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Who can I contact to escalate a warranty complaint?

We contacted Dell about several needed repairs on my wife's laptop and then sent it in. Once received, they said a liquid spill is the reason it doesn't work and we either have to pay for repairs or accept the laptop without any repairs.

The problem is that the needed repairs include a missing screw that caused the screen to become unhinged on one end, a cord that started to crack where it plugs in, and other things that are completely unrelated to a liquid spill. We tried explaining this but the two separate people we spoke to did not understand English very well and just repeated the same sentence, "There was a liquid spill which was not an accident so none of your repairs fall under warranty."

The only repair that could reasonably be related to a liquid spill is a sticky key.

is there anyone out there who understands what we are saying that we can contact to complain aout this? it doesn't make sense, and we have never had problems with these kinds of repairs falling uner warranty with our Toshiba laptop.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Re: Who can I contact to escalate a warranty complaint?

If you have Complete Care coverage, EVERYTHING you mentioned should be covered.

The spill damage and cord would be considered user caused damage and not covered under the normal warranty.

I am unsure of the screw issue.

Try contacting the Unresolved Issues department using the link below (way at the bottom in small print)....

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