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Why can't I get any answers??????

I pruchased a new laptop (Studio 1737) on Nov. 28, 2008.  In April of 2009 my hard drive went bad. Had to fight with Dell for a at home service (which I purchased with my laptop).  Everything was working alright then in Dec. '09 the hard drive went out again.  This time it was a bigger fight for a tech to replace it.  They wanted to send me the part and then I would have to install it myself.  HUGE fight again for the "AT HOME SERVICE" that i puchased.  One week later the hard drive goes out again.  This time they were very willing to send a technician and replace my hard drive, motherboard and keyboard.  Then everything was working fine until Fe. 9, 2010. I received an error message on my screen about my charger, so I call DELL tech support (on Feb. 10, 2010) for a new charger and they want to downlaod some program that will help with my charger.. I was very leary about this but I let them do it anyway.  Well they froze up my computer and now I doesn't work at all.  I was still on the phone with the tech support when this happens and I have them look up my service records and tell them to read it  and just replace the system that I have with a new one.  They did agree.  They tell me that I will have a new one in 21 days, but they couldn't give my any order or customer numbers yet. So I called back on Feb. 22, 2010 and they tell me that they have no numbers yet. I call back on March 2, 2010 and they have my exchange order in process.  They give me customer and order numbers.  They tell me to check the numbers on March 4 and I can get my estimated delivery date.  So I checked the numbers on Mar. 4 and number do not match. So I call back tech support and ask them what is going on. They gave me the wrong numbers and I told them to get the right numbers, so they did..  Some one from Tech management caled me  on March 5, 2010 and asked me about my service with DELL.  Boy did he ask me the wrong question!!!!!!!!!  After I get done telling him what I think of how they take of the customers he told me they are having a "HAVING A HARD TIME FIND A HARD DRIVE" for my computer.  Now I am furious. I told him that if I purchased a new dell computer right now it would be at my doorstep in 2 days with a hard drive in it. So why can't they find a hard drive to replace my computer with?????????   THIS IS THE LAST TIME I EVER PURCHASE A DELL.............

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