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Why can't i set up the Network Controller for my Dell Latitude E5430 after doing a factory reset?


For some reason i couldn't connect wireless devices such as my iphone and ipod to my usb ports and after a short search on the problem online i decided to reset my computer back to factory settings and setting Windows up again. I have the Windows 7 64 bit operating system.
I regret my drastic decision because after doing this i had to manually download all sorts of drivers for my computer and i've got most of them up and running but a few are left not working, the most important one being the Network controller driver.
I've downloaded and installed all sorts of other drivers with no complications but for some reason i can't find the right one for the network controller, and the ones that should work don't. I've tried googling my way out of this and i've watched a lot of instructional videos but every time i think i have the solution it doesn't work.
I'm far from being a computer expert and i guess i probably shouldn't have done the factory reset so quickly since i don't really know what i am doing. Any help would be much appreciated, i really want to avoid having to take the computer to a shop to get it repaired. If anyone has a solution or thinks they can help in any way at all please respond.

Thanks, Jon.

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RE: Why can't i set up the Network Controller for my Dell Latitude E5430 after doing a factory reset?

Did you Factory Reset (Factory Rest should have the drivers inbuilt) or use a Dell Reinstallation DVD (clean installation)?

Please provide the hardware IDs from your device manager and I'll put together the drivers you need:


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