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Wi-Fi continually dropping

Hey there Dell Forum Community.

I have been having an issue with my Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series laptop connecting to my router. I know for a fact that it is the laptop and not the router because on Dec 24th, I had a technician from my internet provider come and fix the internet. Now I am getting the 25 Mbps that I pay for. Anyways, I got this laptop as a Christmas present from my parents, and I love it very much. Unfortunately, as I have stated, it is having a terrible issue connecting to the internet. If I am anywhere in the house other than right in front of the router, the connection will disconnect less than a minute after connecting. First the wireless connection symbol shifts to the limited connection symbol, and then it goes to the no connection symbol. I then proceed to go to the network connection list, and my Internets SSID is clearly displayed there. I also have the network set to automatically connect, but it doesn't.

Also, I read on a post located in this section a few minutes ago about setting the power options for wireless to maximum performance. It does not seem to help.

Can I please get some guidance as to what I can do to fix it? Or should I just have my parents replace it with a different laptop model.

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RE: Wi-Fi continually dropping

Have you tried running windows update manually, I have the same issue but it was nothing to do with distance it was happening even while a meter from the router... 

I reverted  the wireless driver to the MS base version, then reset the router back to defaults and connected to it, ran windows update and it found the driver since then the 5-6 episodes per day of limited connectivity has stopped happening.. Any one of thesse steps could of resolved the issue 

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