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WiFi Connection: Slow, Weak

We have 3 XPS13 laptops.  One is model 9350; the other two are the later model 9360.  For some reason the 9350 has been having WiFi issues.   With all 3 laptops adjacent to each other and next to the router, both 9360 models show speeds of 866.7 Mbps, while the 9350 is at 650 Mbps.  All three laptops show full bars in the WiFi icon.
But if I leave the home office where the router is located the difference is noticeable.  The two 9360s are unaffected by the move away, but the WiFi on the 9350 slows considerably and the wifi signal flucuates. At the moment I'm looking at 1 bar and 130 Mbps.  Some quick online research and I figured I'd upgrade the WLAN card in the problem laptop, so I switched to an Intel 8265.  But it has made no difference at all.  What might be the issue?  Thank you.  

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RE: WiFi Connection: Slow, Weak

Hi MAC290,

Thanks for posting!

Apologies that your computer is not performing as you expected.  Here is some information you may find helpful: http://dell.to/2v16dDi

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