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WiGig for Precision M4800

I see "Back cover HD+ panel WiGig" has to be selected with a WiGig card when configuing the M4800. Does this mean if I don't order it now a WiGig card can't be added in the future without getting a new back cover?

Back cover HD+ panel no WiGig
Back cover HD+ panel no WiGig [Included in Price]
Back cover HD+ panel WiGig add $0.00

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RE: WiGig for Precision M4800

Hi goingwireless,

                The M4800 back panel will contain the systems wireless antenna. A WiGig card would require an additional antenna not included in the non-WiGig back panels. If intending to add a WiGig card to your system in the future I would recommend making sure those antenna are included with sales in your purchase, making installation easier down the line.



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