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Wifi Card Not Working After Reboot!

I have a Dell Inspiron 15 5552 laptop. The OS is Windows 10 64 - bit and I have an Intel Dual-band wireless AC3160 wireless card that is experiencing start up issues. So to start off, I had been watching Netflix and was experiencing normal issues my computer has that requires a hard restart. So I went and held the power button and shut it off. When it turned back on, it booted into the BIOS (I have a UEFI) and I messed around a bit, but discarded my changes. When my computer rebooted, I got into Windows and my wifi icon wasn't showing up. Just the Ethernet icon with a red x. Unfortunately I do not have a Ethernet port on the computer so I cannot just access the Internet that way. I went ahead and attempted to troubleshoot the issue by running the troubleshooter and it said that it was experiencing driver or hardware related issues and in the device status, it said "This device cannot start. (Code 10)." I have tried restarting my computer and disabling and reenabling my drivers but it doesn't help. Can someone help me figure this out please?

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RE: Wifi Card Not Working After Reboot!


Make sure your Drivers are updated to the Windows 10 drivers for your computer at the link below.

Inspiron 5552 Drivers Downloads and Manuals

You can click the links below for resolving the wife code10 error.

Fix: "This device cannot start" Code 10 error in Device Manager in Windows

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RE: Wifi Card Not Working After Reboot!

Similar problem with my DELL 5448,  Win10 upgrade.

The win10 upgrade (WifFi) worked ok for 2 years but now drops out whenever move the notebook.

When working often does not see all available wifi network connections.

Booting, sometimes have to reboot 6 to 7 times for it to load.

Problem seems to be getting worse.

I have downloaded the Intel driver, now with version Dated 31Oct 2107.

The problem varies from network to network.

Device is set to NOT disable for power saving

In DEVICE Manager Wifi, if not avilable, is shown as a hidden device. When trying to enable I get Error code 45.

Only solutions appear to be Search for New Hardware or Reboots. About 10 mins I may get a successful result.

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