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RE: Windows 10 WiGig - Dell 1601 wireless card and D5000 wireless dock


I made some research and what I've found is that Dell 1601 network card and D5000 Dock are based on Wilocity WiGig chipset, which recently was bought by Qualcom and I supose that could be a reason of retiring a support for this model.

Dell now ships their Ltitudes with new version of Wigig network card - 17265 which is based on Intel WiGig's architecture, i know that because I've got from work a new Latidude e7450 with above netowrk card.

Before I found this information I bought a D5000 dock and it turned out that it is incompatible with new card based on Intel's technology.

So a little advice - maybe you should search for WiGig drivers from Wilocity?

I found only that:


and that:


Maybe this will help you, unfortunatelly I have to buy a new WiGig dock which is 2 time more expensive than D5000 on my market.

And if this won't work for you - you probably should consider replacing your WiGig card and dock.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for all!

Best regards.


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RE: Windows 10 WiGig - Dell 1601 wireless card and D5000 wireless dock

So if the old Wilocity WiGig card is not going to be supported, how do I find out if the new Intel one is compatible with my laptop?

My Dell 6430u does not have a dock port, so that's not an option, and it doesn't have USB 3, so that's not an option either. The only docking mechanism that supports multiple monitors, etc. is a wigig option, but if I can't upgrade to the new card (and it's not listed as a part option on Dell's site) then my less than 3 year old laptop from Dell can't be upgraded to Windows 10 if I need to dock (and I do).

Very frustrating that this laptop is a dead end.

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RE: Windows 10 WiGig - Dell 1601 wireless card and D5000 wireless dock


This package provides the driver for the Dell Wireless 1802/1707/1601/1506 WiFi/Bluetooth and is supported on the Precision and Latitude models that are running the following Windows Operating Systems: Windows 10 32/64-bit.

Anyone had a change to test if it's working ?

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RE: Windows 10 WiGig - Dell 1601 wireless card and D5000 wireless dock

I'm in the same boat. I was really looking forward to Windows 10 as it been great on my other machines. I depend on the W1601 D5000 solution for adding a second monitor to my XPS 18. From what I can see the Intel solution is an M.2 card not a mini pci so swapping the whole dock/card combo is not going to work. I'll have to stay with 8.1 and hope for some kind of solution in the future. 

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RE: Windows 10 WiGig - Dell 1601 wireless card and D5000 wireless dock

I have an enterprise level system and Dell won't support it. 

I've had good luck in the past with some Dell folks reading these forums and actually offering help in resolving issues, but clearly they are ignoring this issue for a reason. The D5000 is a dead technology despite the fact that it wasn't that long ago that Dell was still selling it. It is saddening that Dell has abandoned us, but not surprising. Our company purchases a lot of Dell equipment and the quality control and service has dropped tremendously in the last few years.

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RE: Windows 10 WiGig - Dell 1601 wireless card and D5000 wireless dock

Dear Community,

Thank you for bringing this up and discussing. 

I can confirm for you that: There will be no Windows 10 1601 WIGIG driver for D5000 released.

However, I've received a regedit and tested it myself.

Testing done on Latitude E7440:

-Out of box, my test E7440 had Windows 8.1 with all WIGIG requirements installed and working.

-Upgraded the unit to Windows 10 through Windows update

-Installed the Windows 8.1 version of the Dell Wireless 1601 WiGig Application into my newly upgraded Windows 10 OS. ( Works for E7440, M4800 as well as other models )

-Installed latest version of DisplayLink driver for Win10

Warning: Before you edit the regsitry, backup your data and gather all Windows re installation requirements in case any problems result.

A. Open Windows Registry Editor by typing: “regedit” in the Start menu and pressing enter

B. Navigate to the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\PCI\VEN_1AE9&DEV_0101&SUBSYS_00000000&REV_0?\????????????\Device Parameters or
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\PCI\VEN_1AE9&DEV_0101&SUBSYS_00001AE9&REV_0?\????????????\Device Parameters
i. The Question marks means that you should just open the first and only sub key in there, whatever it is. It looks like “4&232ce1b2&0&00E3”. (The value is system dependent.)
ii. If you can find the both key path, please modify both and follow up step c to f.

C. Add new sub-key Under “Device Parameters”:
i. Right click “Device Parameters” key
ii. From the context menu select New-> Key.
iii. Paste “e5b3b5ac-9725-4f78-963f-03dfb1d828c7” instead of “New Key #1” name of the newly created item.

D. Add new DWORD value under the newly added sub-key:
i. Right click “e5b3b5ac-9725-4f78-963f-03dfb1d828c7” key
ii. From the context menu select New-> DWORD (32-bit) value .
iii. Paste “EnableAllBridgeInterrupts” instead of “New Value #1” name of the newly created item.
iv. Double click EnableAllBridgeInterrupts item.
v. In the popup “Edit DWORD (32-bit) value” window type 1 instead of 0 in the “Value data:” field.
vi. Press Ok.

E. Close Registry Editor.
F. Reboot PC.

The above is the work around I obtained. Below is what actually happened when I tested it myself:

At first, I added: e5b3b5ac-9725-4f78-963f-03dfb1d828c7

to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\PCI\VEN_1AE9&DEV_0200&SUBSYS_00000000&REV_03\5&29c1c49c&0&0000E3\Device Parameters\

Added the EnableAllBridgeInterrupts 32 bit dword value and set to 1. I rebooted and the wigig still did not enable.

I added: e5b3b5ac-9725-4f78-963f-03dfb1d828c7

to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\PCI\VEN_1AE9&DEV_0101&SUBSYS_00000000&REV_03\4&232ce1b2&0&00E3\Device Parameters

I added the EnableAllBridgeInterrupts dword value and set to 1 and rebooted. The system enabled the wigig and I was able to connect to the D5000 dock with no problem.

I plugged in a thumb drive to the D5000. System and dock detected the thumb drive and I was able to pass data back and forth between system and thumb drive.

That is the extent of my testing. Please note that this solution was offered at Dell's best effort. You can try it at your own risk.

Justin C Dell Technical Support | Project Sputnik

Dell Support is also on Twitter! https://twitter.com/DellCaresPRO

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RE: Windows 10 WiGig - Dell 1601 wireless card and D5000 wireless dock

This is spectacular. I have been seeking out a solution for some time now as you know Justin.

  1. It works PERFECTLY!!!
  2. The only difference with my system is for some reason I have 4 references to VEN_1AE9&DEVXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX which I was required to add the new keys to. 

Thanks for finding this solution. I wonder if there is a way to make a registry file to inject this code? Anyone? I am archiving this instruction set so if I ever need to re-do my system. 

- Drew

Andrew Griffiths
Herndon, VA

If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice. ~ Neil Peart

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RE: Windows 10 WiGig - Dell 1601 wireless card and D5000 wireless dock

I can confirm this also worked for me. Thank you so much for posting it. I do want to add that after I upgraded to Windows 10 and did the registry edits it still didn't work. I found that I had to update the wifi drivers to the Win10 drivers on Dell's site and then everything worked great.

And if a registry edit could fix this, there is zero reason that Dell couldn't push out proper drivers.

At least its working.

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RE: Windows 10 WiGig - Dell 1601 wireless card and D5000 wireless dock

I can confirm this works on a Latitude 6430u running Win10Pro!

I had three references to VEN_1AE9 after updating to Win10, and one had 2 sub-keys under it. I added steps C&D to all 4 instances.

Any idea if this fix will stick after the Anniversary update?


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RE: Windows 10 WiGig - Dell 1601 wireless card and D5000 wireless dock

Many thanks guys. It works greate for me. People from DELL be ashamed.

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