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Wired/Wireless conflict?

I've got a brand-new XPS 8700 -- just took it out of the box on Saturday. Comes with both a standard Ethernet board and a wireless one. Windows 7 Home Premium pre-loaded, but I don't think that matters because it now dual-boots into either Win7 or Ubuntu 12.04 and the symptoms are the same in both OSes. Namely:

I cannot get the thing to recognize the wired connection. It sits about 8-10 feet from my Linksys router, which provides both wired and wireless, but I want this machine to be wired ONLY. Even if I completely disable the wireless connection through the OS, enabling the wired one does not make the machine see it.

Looking at the jack, the flashing network indicator light is yellow instead of green. Does that matter? (Seemed unlikely, but guess it's possible.)

Do I need to remove or jumper the wireless card itself? (Couldn't see anything in the BIOS setup to let me do it that way.)

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Re: Wired/Wireless conflict?


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Have you checked Device Manager? See Under Network Adapters if its detected. Or do you have a different cable to test with?

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RE: Wired/Wireless conflict?


I have the same issue.  I did updated the driver from Dell.  It seems to work.  Then after I turn it off and turn it back on...it does the same thing. 

Dell support...please help.

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RE: Wired/Wireless conflict?

Hi DoveLegend,

Please share the exact 'System Model' and 'Operating System' installed. Also, share the screen shot of the 'Device Manager' with the Network Adapters expanded for me to identify the Wireless Card installed. Here are the steps:

  • Press the key combination of 'Windows Logo' key + 'R' key to open 'Run' dialog box.
  • Type in 'devmgmt.msc' and click 'OK'.
  • The 'Device Manager' windows will appear.
  • Click on the sign next to Network Adapter and expand it.

Please reply with the information. I'll be happy to assist you.

Thanks & Regards
Saharsh K
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