Wired and wireless active at same time

XPS8900 has both a wired and wired network card. I have both on and use the wired to connect to my IP Back Bone

Can I also use the wireless connect to connect to a different network at the same time I have the wired network active

Is this a good idea or will I run into problems and how do I set the path I want to go to and what network I want to access at any point

How have other people used this and why

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RE: Wired and wireless active at same time

Hi petewatterschatsworth,

Thanks for posting.

In researching this for you, I've found that the consensus is, if both wireless and wired are connected to the same network (e.g., 192.168.1.x), then Windows will only use ONE of those two networks. The other is completely ignored. So having both connected at the same time is pointless. In fact, it may actually degrade performance since Windows, when faced w/ a choice of two equally valid paths to the same network, will always choose the one listed first under Network Connections->Advanced->Advanced Settings->Adapters and Bindings->Connections, and that may be the lesser performer. Of course, you can reorder them if you like. But it's just easier to make sure that whichever connection you want to use, you disable the other.

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