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Wireless Draft N compatible with XPS 710

Does anyone happen to know a compatible PCI network Draft N card which will work with a XPS 710? I tried:
- Linksys WMP300N V2: unstable Vista drivers, causes BSOD's in Vista while trying to connect to a network. Tried both available PCI slots but I can't get it to work.
- Netgear WN311T: seems to work stable, but after one hour, the connection drops to 2Mbps (I have 20Mbit cable).
I'm using a Linksys WRT300N V2 (europe) router. I tried both N and G (N disabled). But the connection remains very slow. And ofcourse, after appr. one hour: 2Mbit.
I've read somewhere that PCI network cards with an Atheros chipset aren't compatible with NVIDIA chipsets. Weither this is true I don't know.
My setup: Dell XPS 710, QX6700, 2Gb ram, 2x320Gb Raid 1, 74Gb WD Raptor, SB XiFi.
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