Wireless Lag

I want to play league of legends but every time I play wirelessly I lag. 

I'm connected to the dorm wifi, which I think is comcast.

My roommate also plays on his mac but doesn't get the wireless ping spikes that I get. 

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RE: Wireless Lag

If you have INTEL Wireless card then CAM (continious active mode) mode may be the issue.  However Comcast and games are not supported by Dell.

Laptop randomly loses its wireless network connection while the connection management utility reports no wireless networks found. This issue can also be seen in the Microsoft Windows* System Event log in the form of numerous 500x events with the wireless driver as the source.

An adapter internal error related to power management has occurred.


The power management setting can actually be thought of as power savings mode. There are six levels of power savings, numbered 0 through 5. Level 5 provides the greatest amount of savings (i.e. uses the least amount of power, and thus, is less taxing on the battery). Level 0 disables power savings mode. An advantage of disabling power savings mode is that it provides the greatest Wi-Fi network performance.

For Microsoft Windows 7*, the user interface is different. The Power Management configuration is no longer accessed through the Device Manager, but rather through the Control Panel Power Options.

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RE: Wireless Lag

Thanks for the reply.

I don't have that card i don't think. My laptop is the 

Inspiron 15R (5537) BTX Base

I think i have the dell wireless 1705 802.11b. I put my power energy options to high performance though, but i still lag.

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Iyed Fekih
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RE: Wireless Lag

I have the exact problem and the exact wireless card, if you found a solution for your problem feel free to contact me and thanks so much, omg laggs at ranked games are rllly terrible

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