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Wireless adapter compatibility issue

Hi...I have Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop, which I bought 3.5 years back. The laptop used to work fine before. I just shifted home 1.5 month back. Previously I used to have the wireless router always close to my laptop, so I never realized this issue. Now the wireless router (802.11n) for Fibre optics internet is in the ground floor and my studio is on 2nd floor. In my office latop, which is a new one, I get 3 out of 5 signal bars and get 34-56 mbps signal. But my Dell laptop does not get any signal, but when it is closer to the router it works fine.

Now my question is - if I buy an USB network Adapter device which is n series and supports upto 300mbps signal, then will it improve the situation? If yes, then which devices are preferred and how can I know whether that new device is compatible with my laptop settings (as this is a bit old one) or not?  If not, then how can I improve the wireless reception? I have tried with booster etc already. I have also updated the network adapter drivers.

The wireless card I have is: Dell Wireless 1395 WLAN minicard

Thanks in advance...any help will be deeply appreciated ...

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Re: Wireless adapter compatibility issue

Hi rit_chat,

The Dell wireless 1395 wireless card on the laptop does not support the N network. Purchasing a USB adapter which has N series may help as the wireless range on N is better compared to B and G standards. Preferably purchase a USB adapter from the same manufacturer as the Router which you are using. Check for the Operating system compatibility while purchasing the USB adapter.

Please let us know in case of any other queries

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