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Wireless issue with Inspiron 17 7746. Just not "right!

HI All,

I have an Inspiron 17 7746 and the wireless just isn't working correctly. can be really slow, take 4-5 refreshes to get a page to load (random pages that worked perfectly just a few moments before) or just doesn't work at all for a few minutes then runs fine for a few hours.

I have uninstalled all the drivers and re-installed updated drivers. Run through all the router settings that I can change to the recommended ones on here. Even had support remote access and "fix" the problem but an hour or so later it returns (sometimes worse, sometimes better!)

Other machines work fine on the router and I am at a loss as to what else to try!! Had problems right from the get go and have gone through everything that I can think of.

Does anyone have any advice/suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


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RE: Wireless issue with Inspiron 17 7746. Just not "right!


These issues can be frustrating but maybe we can offer some suggestions.  When the Dell techs remoted into your system do you know what they changed that fixed things at least temporarily?  Whatever they did to help will at least give us an idea on what to start with.

You said that you've changed the router settings, but did you update the firmware on the router?  You don't mention which version of Windows you're running on the system, nor what is running on the others that are connecting.   What sort of wireless cards are they using and are they using the same drivers on their cards?

When the system takes long to refresh a page is your wireless connection dropping as well?  (You should have an icon in your task bar that shows signal strength).   If you're still seeing a strong connection but slow internet connection it could be something with your system itself, and not the wireless connection.

Speaking of which, have you tried that Inspiron in other wireless networks, such as a coffee shop, etc?  Are you seeing slow speeds and problems on other networks or just your own?

There are so many things that can effect wireless connections and internet speeds, but I recommend you start with the Dell Networking & Wireless Support Center.  There are quite a few suggested steps in there that you may want to try.

Let us know what version of Windows you have on that system, the make and model of the wireless card you have, along with the driver version that is currently on the system.  Plus let us know about the router, and most importantly when the last time it was that you updated the firmware on it.  And let us know whether you see wireless connection becoming weak when you see the internet issues, and we'll see what else we can suggest to try to help.


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RE: Wireless issue with Inspiron 17 7746. Just not "right!

mine has the same problem !!!  Frustrating ! Have you found any solution ?

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