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X51 BTO Cant connect to the internet

My wireless adapter that came inside the computer can connect to a network, but i do not have internet access. i had to go out and buy a external wireless adapter.

The external adapter was working fine for about three weeks, until i logged in one day and it said the same thing as internal adapter. "connected to the internet. no internet access"

Ive did research and tried some of the fixes on the web. But  nothing worked. So i finally tried a system restore and it worked.

The next day when i logged on, i had the same problem again and the only thing that fixed it was another system restore. i didnt download or make any changes in between the two system restores.

I need help understanding what could be causing my external adapter problem, and i also need help with getting my internal adapter to work incase my external malfunctions again.

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DELL-Satya P
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Re: X51 BTO Cant connect to the internet

Hi Natem420,

Please let me know if the system was shipped with McAfee security software. If yes, perform the steps mentioned in the below given link:

If the system does not have McAfee security software, re-install the wireless drivers from the Dell support site.

Run the custom scan on wireless card using PC check up from the Dell Support Center.

Please reply with the results.

Thanks and Regards
Satya P
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Re: X51 BTO Cant connect to the internet

Thank you for the reply. I'm getting ready for bed at the moment, and im leaving town first thing in the morning.  But I should have a reply for you by Saturday night or Sunday morning. Again. thank you.

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