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XPS 12 Intel Centrino Advanced N 6235


This summer i buy 40 xps12 for a laptop classroom for a school. I have a problem. When i connect 10 xps12 to access point and use terminal server the connection drop to 300k/sec for each.... i leave the 10 xps12 connected and i test with a stupid old HP Laptop with a broadcom N card and it work perfectly at same time. And the XPS12 indicate connected to 300mbps!

I try all intel driver!!!!!!!!!! My access point is an ARUBa AP-135. This access point support 50 user its an enterprise class access point.... I call Aruba tech support and analyze the système and the setup is good!


If you have an idea let me know!



p.s: sorry for my English!

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RE: XPS 12 Intel Centrino Advanced N 6235

2GHz or 5GHz? Have you tried different non-overlapping channels?

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