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XPS 13 9343, upgrade ISP to 1Gbps but still getting 200 max! (wired)

I have a XPS 13 9343 and I just upgrade my plan to 1Gbps with my ISP. On my other PCs, I'm getting 900Mbps but on my Dell, I can't get anything close to 300.

I changed the USB 3.0 ethernet adapter (1Gbps) to a new one but I'm not getting better results.

Wireless, I'm not getting much speed either but I suspect my AP has issues since my other PCs and mobiles arent getting more than 250mbps.

My router is a Pakedge RK-1<Non public info removed> which is good for 1Gbps. As I said, I'm getting top speed with my other wired devices but as soon as I try my Dell XPS (wired), I'm not reaching the speed I should be.

Is this Dell model limited to 250Mbps??? If so, what can I change on it to make it faster since there is no ethernet card in it.


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