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XPS-15 9530 Wifi issue causing win-10 BSOD

My XPS-15 works flawlessly almost all the time.  However, when connected to a wireless router that has a less than optimal signal, and especially where "wireless extenders" are involved, the computer is prone to crashing with a BSOD - the clue from Microsoft is "MEMORY-MANAGEMENT".  The BSOD comes at a random time into a session, has no bearing on what foreground activity is in progress, and can happen even when ostensibly no internet activity should be occurring at all.

However, the system never crashes except when connected via suspect wifi, and always crashes sooner or later when it is so connected.

I have all the latest (as at 5th July 2016) drivers from Dell, and all the windows updates are in place.  The software is windows 10 pro x64.  I have 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, 1TB spinning disk.

Is it possible to replace the Broadcom wifi card with another device?  Or get a later more robust driver?  Or ANYTHING that will stop the computer from crashing?

Yours in desperation


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