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XPS 420 with internal PCIe WIFI connection problem

Hi all,


I received a new XPS 420 this week, with the optional PCIe internal wifi card. It came with Vista Home Premium preinstalled.

Most of the time, the 420 is having problems identifying the network. It can connect to the router (Linksys WRT160N) but it can't connect to the internet. It keeps identifying the network and receives an IP like 169... Ipconfig /release and /renew won't work.


An XPS720 sitting next to it, has no problem. My laptop hasn't got a problem either.


I'm running Avast free edition, using Vista firewall. IPV6 is disabled, so I'm think I'm out of options.



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Re: XPS 420 with internal PCIe WIFI connection problem

Is the router broadcasting its SSID?  If not, configure it to broadcast its SSID until you can consistently get a connection.   Is MAC address filtering enabled on the router?  If it is, be sure to configure the router to allow the MAC address of your wireless network adapter?   Is wireless security enabled on the router?  If so, make sure you have entered the correct encryption protocol and network key in the connection properties of your wireless connection on your computer.



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