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XT2 and Windows 7 pro Leap wireless not working

Hello all

i have a Tablet Latitude  XT2, with windows 7 PRO.I tried almost all combinations of dell connection software and intel proset drivers, including latest from dell support and latest from intel proset site.

The same proset version 13.3 version is working fine on XPsp3

But there is no way it allow me to connect to my Wireless network.;

it's based on a Radius server using 802.1x and Leap, using the logged AD account to authenticate (the account is for sure enalbed). Does anybody had the sames issue or can give some suggestion?



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 I am having the same problem but I do have tech support agents at anotehr office that have gotten leap to work by bypassing the Intel Proset config utility and configuring the leap profile within the windows wireless configuration utility

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