Xps 15 9650 is very slow to ACQUIRE wireless network

I am having a problem with my dell xps 15 9650.

When I boot on windows it takes a very long time to acquire the network.

It can be 2 minutes

When I click on the icon myself there is no problem, but I do not want to do it manually every time.

What I tried:

I tried to reinstall all network drivers, though I am not sure how to uninstall them in the first place

My network card description:

Protocol:    802.11n
Security type:    WPA2-Personal
Network band:    2.4 GHz
Network channel:    1
IPv4 address:
Manufacturer:    Qualcomm Atheros Communications Inc.
Description:    Killer Wireless-n/a/ac 1535 Wireless Network Adapter
Driver version:
Physical address (MAC):    ‎

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