dell D505 wireless problem

I have reinstalled windows xp on my laptop due to a virus. I connected a linksys usb wireless to the back of my laptop in order to install the drivers from the internet. I have downloaded and installed all of my drivers and they worked. Now I have a failure with the ethernet controller. It says I have 2. It keeps installing a 1394 net controller. I have the intel pro 10/100 installed and it works fine hardwired. The problem is the dell wieless 1390 card does not work. The dell wireless untility works fine until I unplug the linksys wireless usb. Then the wireless signal goes away and when you click on dell wireless utility the hourglass flashes then disappears and nothing happens. I have installed he driver but the wireless card does not show up. The only way i can connect is the linksys usb. Any help would be appreciated

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Re: dell D505 wireless problem

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