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dell laser MFP 1815dn - intermittent network connection

I have a dell laser MFP 1815dn printer which I recently transferred from the office to my home network.  It's connected via ethernet cable to a D-Link DIR-628 wireless router via one of the 4 hardwire CAT5 connects in back.  Computers on the home network currently run Vista and Windows 7 (32 and 64bit).  The network works in every other respect, both wirelessly and ethernet cable. 

As stated above the printer is connected to the network intermittently.  I've noticed that the printer's IP address pops into and out of  existence.  Ie. one minute it's there, then it's gone.  This doesn't happen to any other device (laptop, desktops, smartphones, whether wireless or hardwired).  I've also noticed that the printer's IP address has been changing.  When first connected a few days ago, the IP was, then it was, and so on until now it's showing 

I've removed the printer from the network and reconnected it several times following wizard each time.  Sometimes, printjob will go through, sometimes it won't.  When it doesn't, it usually won't from then on.  I've tried going into the port configuration several times to match the port IP address with the router allocated IP address (when I noticed the changing IP).  This allowed print jobs for a short period of time, but would eventually stop. 

I have to assume that the network is working fine (it is for everything else).  I've even tried checking that the cable jacks were firmly connected to the sockets... they're OK.  What's really bugging me is that I just sent a print job, and voila!  It worked!  for now.  My  guess is that the issue has something to do with the popping into and out of existence on the router.  But the router is fine and the cables are firmly in place.

Any advice or insight into the matter will be greatly appreciated. 

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