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dell wireless 1395 wlan card randomly disconnect

Hello all. I have a problem with the 1395 wlan mini-card. Windows would connect to my wireless network automatically, without a hitch. Then, I suddenly disconnect from my network for no reason. when I check the wireless manager, I can't find my own network, but I can still see other people's. About a minute after that, I can't detect any network, and I must restart my laptop to fix the problem. All other computer on my network does not experience this problem. The other computer does not even report being disconnected from the wireless network. Turning the bluetooth and wireless card switch off then on again does not solve it, nor does going into device manager and disabling then enabling the wireless card work. The only way is to restart the computer.

I just finished upgrading my OS on the latitude XT  from Vista to windows 7. I formatted the hard drive before installing windows 7. This problem did not occur when I was using Vista, but it has occurred every time I boot up on windows 7. I have installed all the relevant drivers and my router is up to date on the firmware. The wireless network is encrypted using WPA2 AES, and has mac filter on, only allowing listed mac address to connect. It is broadcasting on channel 11.

I have used this computer for more than two years on Vista without this problem occurring, during which time I did several reinstall of Vista. Now, when I install windows 7 on it, this problem all of the sudden starts happening. I think it could be I forgot a driver or something, but I checked and rechecked, and did numerous reinstall of the mini-card driver to no avail.

Please help

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Re: dell wireless 1395 wlan card randomly disconnect



When you reinstalled the operating system, did you install the Desktop/Notebook system software and the chipset drivers first? If not, the rest of the drivers will fail to install. How to Download and Install Drivers in the Correct Order

Start with the Desktop/Notebook system software and the chipset drivers and follow the list.





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Re: dell wireless 1395 wlan card randomly disconnect

hmm, no I did not. I think I'm going to reformat and reinstall again

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