dell wireless router 2350

First I am NOT a techno geek. I get confused easily when a project presents roadblocks without posted solutions. So I need the info presented in a simple step format in plain language. First the project then what I intend to do. I am currently using a D LINK router which I installed using the included cd. I plan to give this to my friend who is switching to a cable provider whos modem only has the typical one ethernet port. Thus the router is needed for her upstairs computer which will be used with a GIGABYTE wireless card. I have already disabled the security in the D LINK so the card will connect. In both cases security is not a priority. Now my issue. How do I download the software for the DELL router when the router alone connected to my cable modem does NOT provide a net connection BEFORE the software is downloaded? A classic catch 22 senario. In addition I managed to find the DELL site that provides the software. When I attempt to download it using my existing router, all I am presented with is  what I think is an actual set up wizard but what is in reality nothing more than a picture of the typical tower/ modem/ router interconnection when I choose "INSTALL ROUTER" from the presumbed set up wizard. NO set of dialog boxes to really install the router. In addition I also got a number of error messages of various kinds, "cannot unzip files", "install 3.1 installer", "install NET framework", ect. It took several tries to get to the so called wizard. I DO NOT have the included cd. I called DELL but made no progress primarily because I couldnot understand the techs english. In addition he made the process more complicated than it needs to be and refused to send me the steps in an email. I hung up. What I NEED is just that, complete and accurate steps in plain language that I can use to install this router. I will be using it in wired mode. The wireless mode is not important in this installation  Is there a "FREE" installation cd? I use several DELL products including 3 8100 towers. Why can I not download a REAL set up wizard? The picture I am presented with is the full length of the screen. NO minimize /restore boxes are presented nor can I move the picture with the small arrows as they do not appear so I do not know if there is a choice I simply cannot see. This is frustrating and not acceptable. I need real help please. If I cannot install this router I will simply toss it. Please reply to  Thank you.

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