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ergonomic mouse


not sure where to post this question, but. would anyone care to comment on their experience of using an ergonomic mouse, after working 10 years 40 hr weeks,with a pc over the last 2 years developed wrist pain, i had used a brace , which helped. but still had some discomfort, i happened to walk into a Staples & saw a vertical mouse

My employer , was kind enough to purchase one for me, J TECH DIGITAL, it seemed to solve the wrist pain, but after about 5 months of use, i developed thumb pain, upon researching, i found that the design of some mice, cause , whats called grip force issues, holding the mouse like pinching something caused the thumb issue. i have been looking at several manufactures , but if anyone had any similar problems, or perhaps any suggestion of a mouse that worked for you

thanks in advance

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