factory image restore on my c521 not working

Can anyone help with restoring the factory settings on my C521 running vista premium, i have followed all the instructions on the dell support page.

When i try to get advanced boot options page up (f8) i cannot. i can get boot options (f12) but not advanced options.

i have seen the factory restore once before when the repair facility was running after my pc crashed but cannot find it again.


Please help.



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DELL-Larry R

Re: factory image restore on my c521 not working

If you have Vista, and the Image Restore partition still works, you would use F8 to access the advanced boot options for Windows to run it (CTRL+F11 at the Dell splash screen just after powering on for WinXP).  If the option isn't there, or it doesn't work, then you would need to do a manual reinstallation using the OS Reinstallation disks for the system.

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