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have to reset internet frequently

i have an inspiron 1545 and my internet goes out very often, like a 5-10 times per hour. it's extremely frustrating. how can i fix this issue? i love my laptop, but i can't use it for any important documents anymore.

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Re: have to reset internet frequently


As you have mentioned that the laptop has an intermittent wireless connection. This seems to be a problem with the wireless card or may be the router configuration  needs to be checked. To verify, we need to check the drivers as well as the configuration. I would recommend you to try the following steps:

1. Please check the distance of the router from the laptop, it shouldn’t be more than 30feet.Also, there shouldn’t be any electromagnetic devices like a microwave, as these devices causes interference.

2. Try to connect to any other available networks in range, and if the signal is good and there are no disconnects then it’s the router settings that needs to be checked.

3. Before we change the settings on the router, we have to update the network drivers.

4. Go to Device Manager and select the wireless driver listed under network adapter.

5.       Uninstall the wireless driver by doing a right click on it and uninstall, restart the computer.

6.       Once the laptop is restarted, reconnect your laptop to the ethernet cable so that there is an internet connection.

7.       Once you are connected, go to support.dell.com > click drivers & downloads > insert the system Service Tag > select the wireless driver and install it. You will find the link to update the BIOS on the same page.

8.       Once you are done installing the updates, restart the computer and try to connect to the available wireless connection. Before you connect remove the ethernet cable.

If the problem still persists after performing the above mentioned steps, then it’s the router which seems to be causing the problem. Also, let us know if you have any other laptop or phone connected to the same router. Please mention about the operating system installed on the laptop.

Thanks and Regards

Priyanka S


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