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lose connection to wireless printer and IE but not firefox or Outlook ?

I can be on Lan or Wirelss and I will lose connection to my wireless printer and IE 8, I should be able to connect to the printer either  wireless or with LAN . I have XP SP 3 on my laptop and just recently started having problems losing connection to my wireless printer and IE . Once I reboot I am good to go for a while until it does it again . I have 3 other PC's that have XP,Win7,Win8 that I dont lose the connection to the prnter . . When I lose connection , I can still receive e-mail through Outlook and get to the web with Firefox but not IE ,I would appreeciate any help somone could give me , below is steps I have already  taken

1 Ran Malwarebytes and Spot Serach and Destroy , got rid of some malware and now I dont have any it still does it

2 Disabled the save power function for Lan and Wireless on the laptop

3 Reset IE to the factory state

4 Did not see any IP conflict with laptop and other equipment


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